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B2B Products


Ugarit Trading Co. has the technology and the capacity to provide other businesses with high quality ingredients with competitive prices. Please contact us should you require any information about any of the products described below.

Natural juice concentrate

We have our own juice concentrate plant from FMC. We exercise a strict controlled production process from the first step of purchasing raw fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers, to the last step of packaging. We are capable of supplying the following concentrates:

  • Orange juice concentrate
  • Tomato paste in different concentrations
  • Grapefruit juice concentrate
  • Lemon juice concentrate
  • Apricot puree concentrate
  • Hot and sweet red pepper paste
  • Apple puree concentrate

Carbonated Drinks concentrate

We maintain our own emulsion production facility and we develop a wide range of carbonated drinks concentrates. The quality of our concentrated is assured by our continuous investment in this part of our business and also by special partnerships we have built with leaders in the flavors industry.

Our european partners provide the formulae, know-how and technical assistance for the manufacturing of the Products, key bases for the production, quality standards, specifications of the Products and quality control procedures.

We can provide carbonated drink bottlers with very high quality concentrates at unbeatable competitive prices. We are also willing to customize our concentrate products to the specific needs of our customers. Feel free to get in contact with us for further information.

Other products

Through our sister companies, we can provide other food products like many flavors of soups and natural ingredients such as Freeze-Dry natural products and different types of natural flavors and spices.

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