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About Us

Ugarit Trading Co. was founded in 1986 by MR Ali Ismail. Since its start, Ugarit specialized in food industries, mainly the beverages sector, and expanded its expertise in this field. After nearly 20 years, Ugarit Trading Co. is considered one of the leaders in the soft drinks sector in Syria, with established brands and solid distribution power in Syria as well as in other countries in the Middle East. Our portfolio of products includes a wide range of products from carbonated soft drinks to natural juices. Indeed, Ugarit Trading Co. is well known for its comprehensive range of products and in different kinds of packages, with the idea of better serving our customers in mind.

In the past, we held franchises from a number of international companies. Our current strategy, however, is to develop our own brands and products, building on the experience we have acquired through years of progress in this field. This decision proved extremely successful given the brilliant growth we have witnessed since. We have developed partnerships with a number of internationally renowned suppliers in order to remain ahead in terms of the technology we use, as well as the quality of our products.

What is Ugarit

Ugarit, the kingdom that had a golden past in administration, education, diplomacy, law, religion and economics between 16th and 13th centuries BC. It is located 16 km to the north of Lattakia, which is still Syria's principal port. It has been described as "probably the first great international port in history". From this site in ancient times, a good deal of the Eastern Mediterranean's trade with Mesopotamia was conducted; and much of the later Phoenician commercial and cultural expansion took its inspiration, not least through the development of the alphabet. Ugarit is the kingdom that gave humanity the first alphabet in the world. Experts have confirmed the connection between this alphabet and other alphabets in common use nowadays. This alphabet is still preserved on a clay tablet at the National Museum in Damascus. Our name, Ugarit, was inspired by this great ancient city most famous for trading.

Our manufacturing facilities and plants

Ugarit Trading Co. persists to use cutting edge technologies in our industries and runs a number of plants and machineries, delivered by world leaders in this field, such as:

  • Central Bottling International
  • KHS
  • FMC
  • YORK
  • ASCO
  • and others.

We have 4 PET lines, 2 Canning lines, 1 Returnable glass line, 1 Fruit and vegetables concentrate line and 3 Tetrapak lines.


Ugarit Trading Co. is located close to the Syrian cost on the Mediterranean Sea. Its 40 km to the south of Lattakia City, the main Syrian seaport, and between the cities of Jableh and Banyas.

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